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Capture the Spirit of Ancient Ireland with our Special Edition Feadóg Irish Whistles!

The haunting sound of the Irish whistle has long been associated with Celtic music, culture and folklore.

Often compared to the timbre of the female voice it was said to have been used by Ailen, the chief of the fairy tribe Tuatha De Danann, to cast a spell of sleep over the inhabitants of the High Kings palace at Tara.

The magical sound of the Irish whistle can have everyone dancing a jig or enchant the “selkies” (Seal Folk) to come to the surface and lay on the shore’s rocks captivated by its sweet and mystical tones.


We hope you enjoy this range of whistles beautifully crafted in Ireland by renowned makers Feadóg Teoranta that have been carefully selected for you and presented in our own special edition packaging.

Love from, Alex, Lynn & Lisa