January 2018 we set foot into the office of Ken Bretschneider the CEO of Evermore Park and Josh Shipley the Chief Creative Officer along with one of our producers Chuck E. Myers from Aingeal Music Worldwide and we entered the most inspiring and innovative world of what was to become a one of a kind fully immersive experience park in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

We were blown away by the commitment to detail, the passion for story telling and talent assembled to create nothing other than the most real fantasy world any of us had ever experienced. From their commitment to travelling to Europe and collating the most exquisite artifacts and antiques to bring old world Europe and even some of her ghosts ;) to Evermore, Utah had us all in awe and we were captivated and smitten by this dream coming to life that had been culminating over the years for Ken.

How thrilled we were to hear that there was a Celtic land in Evermore! and not only that but one of the three seasonal festivals "Lore" which would take place during Halloween was celebrating its ancient Celtic origins of  Halloween (Samhain) and was featuring all of the Celtic ghoulish characters we would have been familiar with growing up in Ireland.

Sometimes you get a tingle down your spine and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and it isn't because you're cold or someone just walked over your grave...although anything could happen in Evermore ;) it's because the Universe is telling you that you're exactly where you're supposed to be at exactly the right time and we feel so incredibly touched by destiny to be a small part of this living dream.

So under the direction and the Wizardry talent of Chuck E. Myers we embarked on a journey to put a "voice" to Evermore. He created a stunning and magical soundtrack that started to breathe life into the musical story that inspired us, sparked our imaginations and set us up to only put the finishing touches on to what the master had already created.

We really hope that as you listen to Evermore's soundtrack of Magical Lore and Cursed Lore you will enter a world that has been created by a team of people who have been given special talents to remind us of the magic we can still create in our ordinary lives and how we can inspire and influence for good in this world.

Now we've told you our part of the story visit and find out how you can become part of the STORY !!!

Enjoy a short taste of what's to come!

"Goddess's of Glynshire"